Did You Choose The Right Family Law Attorney?

Family law can be quite complicated. For the majority of people, it is realized the very moment when their family goes through severe legal issues. In this case, the people most likely have very little knowledge of what to do. They turn to a practiced family law attorney in Orange County. But, did you know that not every attorney is worth approaching. If you decided to approach an inappropriate lawyer, one will provide you with wrong advice and charge you more than the usual rate.

The following are some of the tips that can help you find the right family law attorney for your unique case:

  • Find a lawyer who exclusively practices family law and prepare for a consultation

If you case has never been filed in court earlier, the consultation is supposed to be free. However, if your case is ongoing and papers have been filed, expect to shell out a little for consultation because the attorney has to dig around and find out the ways to help you.

When you try to find a family law attorney or a divorce attorney in Orange County, it is typically when you’re stressed out emotionally and things are not gelling appropriately. If you aren’t careful, a lawyer will prey on your emotional weakness and gut your savings. So, be aware of exactly who and what you are hiring.

Ask family members, friends, and even co-workers who has a good experience who they recommend. The ultimate goal is to come across a lawyer who will be passionately invested, has credibility with the court, and the temperament required to guide you through troubled times.

If you do not know any person who has successfully hired an Orange County divorce mediator, a little internet research for various lawyers in your neighborhood will work wonders. Go through their reviews, case studies, and testimonials to get a feel for their experience.

  • Familiarity with the judge and family courts

A wonderful test when hiring a family attorney is asking them if they’re familiar with the judge that you have been assigned. If one knows nothing about the judge you’re assigned, this is supposed to raise a red flag. A few judges are newly assigned, so even if the attorney hasn’t appeared before that judge earlier, they are supposed to be discussing resources to find out the ways to effectively deal with that judge.

Being familiar with the ways the judge will analyze your case and their pet peeves is also the starting point to determining your strategy.

  • Strategy and settlement

Diagnosing your family law issue properly immediately and setting a course to resolve it are very important to success. Always ask about the strategy of the attorney to settle your case. Upfront discussion regarding the ways to settle your case and creating strategies that make the most of your possibility for settlement needs to take place in any initial consultation.

In family law, attorneys can represent their clients on a limited scope. That means that rather than a retainer agreement and being charged hourly, the client can be charged a flat rate for certain services. The rates are flat and up front and you don’t need to worry regarding hidden fees.

For instance, if you’re case is only about child custody, Orange County child custody attorney will need not generate a lot of paperwork. If you own a business and the case is about determining your assets and capability if paying support, you can look forward to more paperwork and expenses. The former is a better case for limited scope and the latter would just be taken as attorney of record.

Family law cases are inherently sensitive and personal, which means you’ll be asked a lot of questions regarding your home and family life, which may be hard to answer. A family lawyer is required to be familiar with all of the facts.

Ask your attorney what training and experience they have had in family law negotiations, mediation, and collaborative law, and if they are all set to deal with your case in court should attempts at settlement fail.

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